Aloha POS Payroll Integration Overview

Integrating your Aloha POS Data with payroll can improve your efficiency greatly. Successful integration requires a few key items to be managed consistently:

1. Employee ID codes in Aloha must match up with those in ASAP's payroll

2. Position or Department codes need to be matched up precisely in the two systems

3. Employee Pay Rates & Position codes need to be maintained in Aloha accuretly

4. Employee Tip Data should be edited inside Aloha prior to export

5. Employee time entries need to be corrected inside Aloha prior to export

To Get Started: please send us a sample of your most recent pay period Aloha export. We will adjust the employee ID's & department details to match those stored in your POS. Next we will work with you to insure the file export settings are configured for your restaurant's use. Settings may change depending on how you manage tips and if you track your sales data with payroll for annual reporting of Form 8027.