New Hire Reporting

What is New Hire Reporting? all employers are required by law to report each newly hired employee to the Colorado State Directory of New Hires within 20 days of the date of hire. In addition, it is a requirement that any employee that has not worked for 60 consecutive days be treated as a re-hired employee. When the employee returns to work; their data should be reported again to the directory of new hires.

ASAP handles this for employers automatically.  We transmit this data on your behalf regularly in bulk from our software to the State Directory of New Hires that applies to your operations.  All new employees entered into our software by default are scheduled to be included in a bulk file we transmit behind the scenes weekly.

However, employees that are no longer active for more than 60 days must also be reported once they return to work.  These on again off again employees require a trigger of sorts in order for their data to be re-shared with the directory of new hires.

a) The most common method of managing is to actively change the employee’s status when or shortly after they have stopped working from “Active” to something other than active like “Voluntary Resignation”.  Once the employee returns to work their status would be changed back to “Active” and an update to their Termination and Current Hire Dates could be applied. 

When you save your work on this change; you’ll be asked this question:

If you answer yes, the employee’s data will be ready to be sent in the next new hire file following your payroll run.

b) The other method; if you would prefer is simple too.  The bulk reporting is driven off a New Hire Status field on the employee “Details” tab.  If you fail to attentively manage the employee's status over a 60 day absence from work, you may simply change the employee’s new hire report status to “pending” when they return to work. This too will trigger their data to be shared again with the next bulk new hire report file.

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