New Hire Reporting in Colorado

All employers in Colorado are required by law to report each newly hired employee to the Colorado State Directory of New Hires within 20 days of the date of hire. In addition, it is a requirement that any employee who has not worked for 60 consecutive days be treated as a rehired employee. When the employee returns to work, their data should be reported again to the CO Directory of New Hires.

ASAP automatically handles new hire reporting for payroll clients. We transmit this data von your behalf regularly in a bulk New Hire Report from our software, Evolution, to the State Directory of New Hires that applies to your operations. All new employees entered into our software by default are included in a bulk New Hire Report file that we transmit weekly to the State.

However, employees who are inactive for more than 60 days must be reported as a "new hire" if they return to work. These "on-again / off-again" employees require a "trigger" of sorts in Evolution in order for their data to be re-shared with the Directory of New Hires.

How to Include a Rehired Employee on the New Hire Report

The most common method of managing employees' status in Evolution is to change their "Current Status Code" from "Active" to something that indicates an inactive status, such as “Voluntary Resignation." When the employee returns to work, change their status back to “Active” and update their "Termination" and "Current Hire Dates" accordingly.

When you save this change, Evolution will ask, "Is this a rehire?"

If you answer yes, the employee’s data will be included in the New Hire Report following your next payroll run.

Alternatively, you can update the "New Hire Status" field on the the employee “Details” tab, which is handy if you didn't manage the employee's status over a 60-day absence from work. To include a rehired employee on the New Hire Report, simply change their "New Hire Status" to “Pending” when they return to work; this will trigger their data to be shared again with the next New Hire Report file.