Extracting Payroll YTD Data from QB

Step 1 is Extracting Employee Data for Set up.

go to Reports-->Lists-->Employee Contact List in QB.

click Customize Report

click and hold the mouse button and drag your mouse down so that all columns are checked to display. yes all of them, we will scrub the data to use as much relevant data you may want for tracking.

On the Filters Tab; change the Active Status to "ALL" -- you may have terminated employees paid this year which we need to load in order to issue W2's.

Now Create New Worksheet using Excel and load the file using our secure file exchange.  Do NOT email as this file will contain sensitive information.

Step 2: extract the payment details from QB by running the Payroll Summary

Reports-->Employees & Payroll--> Payroll Summary

- You'll need to run this report multiple times for us.  Start by month: run it for each month up until the current quarter. (Jan 1 - Jan 31, Feb 1 - Feb 28th, March 1 - Mar. 31, etc.)

- When you reach the current quarter, next run it for each payroll processed in the current quarter or at a minimum for each week that contained payroll data.

Extract each of these files as Excel files and send again using the secure file exchange.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to go through the steps outlined above you can send us a QB Portal Company File and we can extract the reports directly. 

go to File-->Create Copy...

Select Portal Company file...

final steps are...
- Save the file to your local PC
- upload to us securely using  this secure file exchange link.
- call us to give us the admin username & password or send us the credentials using this  onetimesecret tool.