HUB Clock - Setting Up Managers

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Setting Up Managers

Companies must have at least one department set up to use manager roles.

To set up Managers go to Admin Tab --> Security

Drag and Drop an Employee from the list on the right into a department box to set up a department manager. NOTE: A department can have more than one manager & managers can also be listed in more than one department.

Save Your Work (might have to scroll down on some screen resolutions):

If an employee is missing for a manager, admins may need to audit which "home" departments employees are assigned. Go to Admin tab to review your employees:

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Manager Functions

Managers can: 

  1. Approve PTO requests
  2. Approve mulligan requests
  3. Approve employee time sheets
  4. Make changes to employee time sheets
  5. Reset Employee Access codes
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Admin Functions

Only Admins can:

  1. Set up New Hires
  2. Generate payroll files from clock
  3. Use Communication Center features: company messages, company docs
  4. Manage Employees from ADMIN tab: employee docs, reset password, change employee fields
  5. Resend Pay Stub Notifications to Employees
  6. Approve employee change requests like address/w4/direct deposit changes
  7. Adjust Company Color Theme & Logo
  8. Adjust Time Entry Rules & Payroll Lists
  9. Adjust Employee Net Pay & Direct Deposit PUSH Alerts
  10. Change Employee Status (Terminate)
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