Admin Access to Payroll: Evo vs. HUB vs. Client Portal

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Our philosophy is for you to rely on software & ASAP's account managers in a balanced manner that fits your needs. Our goal is to simplify your life and to do so requires an understanding of your preferences. Below is a brief description of our core software applications. Please contact your account manager to discuss your preferences

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Client Portal/Sharefile

The Client Portal is an easy to use/secure platform for owners, bookkeepers, & CPAs to access the individual payroll reports after each run or to pull up quarterly tax returns & W3/W2 copies. Notificationsdesktop apps, and other tools are available to help streamline the delivery of reports to you.  Ideal for owners that rely on ASAP's account managers for most of their payroll admin tasks.

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HUB Employee Portal

The core purposes of the HUB Employee Portal is to streamline the delivery of employee pay stubs & W2's. As an added benefit, payroll admins & managers can use HUB to manage many common HR tasks.  Admins can review/approve time sheetspush new hire paperwork out to newly hired employees, send company wide messages to employees, store employee documents, or load company policies/handbooks/links. To make life easier; employees can now request changes to their addresses, W4 or direct deposits directly within the app. Changes are approved based on your preferences.

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Evolution Payroll

Payroll admins may wish to directly work with the core Evolution Payroll module to run reports in order to gain a more detailed picture of their personnel costs or HR data. Admins may wish to work with employee records in full to manage benefit changes, track/update pay changes, monitor ACA status, process payroll runs directly, or reprint payroll checks from their location. Payroll admins that manage high employee turnover, numerous benefit options, have extensive cost centers, or highly detailed reporting needs enjoy the robust features the app provides.

Emailed PDF Attachments: Your payroll reports can also be sent to you as locked PDF attachments, so as long as the reports do not contain any personal identifiable information such as SSN's.  This delivery method has been known to get caught up in email quarantine filters thus making delivery less reliable.  
Single Sign On integrations are being planned for admin users of these applications*.  
*Regardless, we  highly suggest business owners consider using a password manager such as LastPassKeeper, or Dashlane. Please do your research, but we have found that the majority of security experts recommend  using password managers to help you create/maintain unique passwords across all applications (particularly useful if you are sharing passwords among co-workers).
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