Processing Payroll - Evolution Classic

For those with direct access, navigate to Payroll > Payroll. Start the next scheduled payroll by clicking the green plus at the top of the screen.  

You will now see your next scheduled check date in the payroll list with the status "W".  This means the payroll is in waiting status, or is incomplete.  Click the green check mark to save the new payroll.

You will be taken to the Batch Screen where you will need to now create the batch using the create batch button on the right.  Once the batch has been created, save with the green check mark.

You will be prompted with a question; Would you like to auto-create checks for this batch?  If you click yes, a check will be created for every active employee in your company.  If you click no, no checks will be created.  Click Yes to create checks for each employee. 

To view the checks and enter payroll data, click on the Quick Entry tab at the top of the screen.  Once you have entered all payroll data for all employees, commit your changes using the green triple check mark.

Navigate back to Payroll > Payroll.  Select Pre-Process from the controls panel at the bottom right.

You will know your Pre-Process is finished when your task queue (at the very bottom left of your screen, under the Exit Button) has the same number of Total Tasks and Finished Tasks.

When the Pre-Process is finished, click on Batch to go back into the payroll batch to check your totals again.  This is important because there are several things that could cause an employee's check to disappear from the batch during pre-processing.  For example, if you enter hours for an employee who is not set up with an hourly rate, the check will disappear as there are no wages to pay.  This is also the stage at which you can check to make sure any scheduled items have all populated and calculated properly.

When your payroll is complete, you will Submit to ASAP for processing.  Navigate back to Payroll > Payroll, select Submit Payroll from the controls panel.  Evolution will ask if you would like to email your contact at ASAP Accounting and Payroll.  Please do send us an email at to let us know that your payroll has been submitted.  You can also include any special instructions in that email.  You will receive your automated reports once the payroll has been fully processed by ASAP staff.

If you have any questions or if you find yourself stuck, we can always be reached by phone at 970-728-6777, by email or by clicking the contact us button at the bottom of this article.

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