Evo Reports: Ad Hoc Reports

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Ad Hoc Reports allow you to pull data from 3 level types rather easily: company level data, employee level stored data, and individual payroll specific data.

Payroll Level Data

Payroll level data can give you a columnar report displaying specific earnings, deductions, taxes by employee in endless amounts of columns.

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Employee Level Data

Demographic data, benefit deductions, rate of pay, and other employee fields would be found at the employee level. 

From Reports >> Ad-Hoc Report hit the green plus at the top to add a new report. Choose the template for "Ad-Hoc Employee (S1134)"; save and then click the report parameters to configure the report.

-Start by "Adding a column"
-then select the column type from a look up table. Person, Employee, Rates, Scheduled E/D's.
-Select the Field Name for each column; define the data with a title, and apply your changes to the columns.
-Save each column data as you edit hitting "apply changes" and then hit OK to save your work.

Each Ad-Hoc Report can be configured to display in PDF format or ASCII formats:

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