Labor Distribution Report (S121)

The Labor Distribution Report must be grouped by one of the 4 levels: Division, Branch, Department or Teams. You can set up multiple Labor reports for each level if you require more than 1 report; just be certain to name each uniquely.

In addition to grouping, the data should be configured to display in either summary format or summary detail format. The summary detail format will display employee specific or a full detail of each groups sum totals. However, summary detail will certainly make for a long report and may only be useful when reviewing data for accuracy. 

Benefits such as a retirement plan match can also be configured to display proportionate to wages.

Example of Labor Distribution Report run in Summary format:

The Labor Distribution Report can also be Exported into ASCII or Excel formats; the data isn't displayed as shown in the PDF version instead the data must be assigned into columns. We would be happy to configure the labor report for you if preferred in Excel format as once it is set the report functions nicely. Here is an example of the configuration functionality:

Auto-Labor Distribution is a feature which is designed to allow you to set %'s by categories to auto-split the personnel expense for employees by known work amounts. Typically designed for an exempt salaried employee whose work does not fluctuate regularly enough. If you are a 501c3 nonprofit; you should discuss this with your auditors before utilizing as they may wish for you to regularly review the %'s used to insure accuracy can be justified.