Check Reconciliation (S214)

The Check Reconciliation report lists the employee name, check type, check date, check number, and net amount of all pay checks (including direct deposits) for a particular check run. 

By default the report is sorted by Check Number, then by direct deposit amount.
By going to Reports >> Set up Reports and opening the Report Parameter, you can change the default settings of the report and adjust the sorting order to alphabetical by last name, or by employee code #.

Optionally this report can be set up to run as an Excel File or ASCII file. The direct deposit amounts can be blocked from displaying on this report if they are getting in your way.

Outstanding Checks: One less commonly know use for this report would be to help you track down quickly more details on any check numbers which haven't cleared your account. Go to Reports >> Run Reports select a wide date range in the past even across calendar years, next on the Misc. Tab select excel file and change the sort order to Check Number.  The results found in the view queue will help you quickly locate the names of those employees who are holding on to old checks which you might want to reach out to again before releasing the funds to the State as  Unclaimed Property.