Syncronizing QuickBooks with

Syncing Your Company’s QuickBooks File Using
1. Open your company’s QuickBooks file, and log into Quick Books.
2. Log into using your email address and password.
3. Open the Sync Dashboard by selecting the shortcut on your remote server desktop.

Users must run this program to sync their company files with

4. Once the Dashboard opens, select New. This will open the profile editor, reminding you to have the QuickBooks file you wish to sync open.

Note: for the initial sync/setup you will need to be logged into QuickBooks using Administrator’s credentials.

5. Select Browse to search for your company file. When prompted, enter your email address and password to continue.

At this point you may be prompted by QuickBooks to set permissions for to access your company files.
Select “Allow access even when QuickBooks is not running” and click OK.

6. Confirm your organization by selecting it from the list of organizations that appears. If prompted that company names do match, simply select Yes to continue.

(There may be a slight variation between your company’s name and QuickBooks file name.)

7. The’s Dashboard should begin to sync with your company QuickBooks file. Once syncing is
complete you will receive a notification from the Dashboard. Users may Sync Again to record any
additional changes to their company’s QuickBooks files following the initial sync.