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Below is a description of the most frequently referenced payroll reports which ASAP supplies by default to all employers.

Keep in mind; if you have more advanced reporting needs, there is an endless amount of  additional reports you can access as well as other methods of extracting data using  Grid ReportsAd-Hoc Reports, and a full blown custom Report Writer tool similar to crystal reports. Please do not stop at this list if you are seeking something for a particular accounting or HR need. Further if you are working on a WC Audit, 401K Census, or benefit census please let your account manager know as we can show you or supply the data to you directly.

Check Reconciliation

The Check Reconciliation report lists the employee name, check type, check date, check number, and net amount of all pay checks (including direct deposits) for a particular check run.

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Check Register

The Check Register report is a detailed breakdown of all pay checks issued during a check run.  It provides virtually the same information as would be shown on a check stub; including employee name, rates of pay, current/YTD hours, current/YTD earnings, current/YTD deductions, current/YTD employee taxes, check number, check date, check type, and net amount.

Did you know the Check Register can be run across any time period, grouped by a department/team, and/or provide a summary of check totals across a date range? In addition, this report can be filtered one off for a single employee if you wish to review someone's pay history individually with them.
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Labor Distribution

The labor distribution report details the personnel expense by category, team, department, job, branch, division, fund or however you may term it. Employee's wage and tax expense you split between multiple categories will display proportionately by category on this report for accurate accounting. As opposed to the aforementioned check register report which is simply a snap shot of each employee's wages, deductions and taxes as listed on a check stub. The Check Register can be grouped by a category or department, but shouldn't be confused as a labor allocation report. 

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General Ledger

The General Ledger provides an accounting summary to aid you or your bookkeeper with inputting a  journal entry into your accounting software.  The report we provide initially shows the credits/debits with default expense account names. However, we prefer to customize this report to match your specific account codes from your accounting software. 

Did you know we also can take it a step further and provide you this report in an electronic format to import/sync with your accounting software?  If you are interested in eliminating the manual entry of your payroll journal, contact your account manager to discuss further.
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Tax Liabilities

The Tax Liabilities report is a detailed breakdown of all payroll taxes for a payroll run. There is a lot of information crammed into this little report, but essentially it will detail the taxable wages, rates, and liabilities accrued by each payroll tax type. Included you will see a breakdown by Federal 941 taxes (Federal withholding, employee & employer Social Security and Medicare), Federal 940 Unemployment (FUTA/FUI), State withholding, and State Unemployment (SUTA/SUI).

Did you know OASDI stands for Old-Age Survivors Disability Insurance? This is a technical name for what we know of as Social Security. Also, FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. In the 1930's New Deal era Social Security was first introduced and later  Medicare  was added by the LBJ administration in the 1960's. Many still refer to FICA as nickname for the original Social Security tax.
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Total Liabilities

The Total Liabilities Report is an overview that lists your total dollar liability for the most recent payroll period, essentially the total cost to you of your entire payroll run. This report overlaps a bit with the tax liability report in data shown, but essentially it is snapshot of funds required to cover the run as it shows the totals by net paychecks, agency/third-party checks, direct deposits, tax liabilities, and ASAP's billing charges.

Did you know ASAP can send you a  Funds Alert notification  via email or SMS txt after each run with just this Total Liability amount?
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Active Employees (EEs) Not Paid

The Active Employees Not Paid Report lists all currently active employees on your staff that are not being paid for the most recent pay period. This report helps you insure nobody was left off the payroll run, as well as to identify any employees whose status should be changed to inactive.

Did you know this report can be run before processing as well to catch any drops sooner?
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Changes: Employee Status & Pay Rates

This report pulls data from our advanced audit trails alerting you of any new hires or other status changes to an employee along with any pay rate/salary changes that occurred between the last pay runs. There are other change reports we can provide for other data if desired; such as the "Changes: Employee Scheduled E/D's" report which would reflect any changes made to any reoccurring benefit deductions, earnings or other deduction types.

Did you know we can send the changes reports to a 2nd person after each run? If you are a business owner or a non-profit board member that has assigned the payroll management to an someone other than yourself, this would be one way you could keep tabs on things.
If there is any particular report you no longer require, we can easily halt the report from being sent in your default packet of reports or remove it from your default reports list under Reports >> Run Reports.
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