Setting Up Email in QuickBooks

In order to email transactions and reports from QuickBooks; you'll need to set up your QuickBooks file to reference the proper setting to work with your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) email service.  Unfortunately these settings will be unique to each user specifically and/or each email account.  You will need to reference your email providers help material to locate their SMTP instructions.  These settings unfortunately are not known to or managed by ASAP directly, but below will help you get started.

To get started in QuickBooks; find "Preferences" located across the top navigation bar Under Edit --> Select Preferences.  A preferences widow should appear; along the left of this window choose "Send Forms".  Next choose "Add" to add your email information into the window.  Continue along through the screens to input the details matching your email server requirements. 

For more detailed instructions please reference Inuit's help article: Set up email service in QuickBooks

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