Employee Salary & Pay Rate Changes

Authorized Employer contacts without direct access, please submit the changes to us using this form or to your account manager directly so we can make the changes.  All submissions will be re-verified with you by your account managers to insure they were approved by an authorized employer contact.

For those with direct access; you may change an employee's salary or rate by going to Employee >> Employee | EE Entry screen:

To change a salary; simply input the new pay period salary amount (not annual salary)

Save your changes:

If you are making this change while working in an open payroll, you'll see this question when you leave the screen.  Hit Yes, to have the changes take effect on any of the open payrolls.  Either way; we recommend that you view the employee's check lines in the open payroll to insure the change was appropriate or if you need to prorate the salary change because it was effective mid-pay period.

If you need to adjust an employee's pay rate, you may make changes to the employee primary pay rate from the Employee >> Employee | EE Entry tab or if they have multiple pay rates; you may make those changes from Employee >> Pay Rate InfoSee more on Additional Pay Rates.