Evo Classic: Scheduled E/D's

Scheduled E/D's refers to reoccurring earnings or deductions you would set up for an employee.  Advances, health deductions, 401K deferrals, even reoccurring earnings

To set up one you would go to the Employee >> Scheduled E/D's and select an employee

Hit the Green Plus + at the top to add a new Scheduled E/D:

Select the E/D code you wish to set up:

Next you'll want to set up the "Calculation Method"; most default to "Fixed" meaning fixed amount to deduct, but you can also adjust things for instance if another method is more appropriate say for a 401K deferral election:

Here is an example of setting up an advance of $50.00 to reoccur Every Paycheck:

If you don't want the deduction to occur Every Paycheck; you can adjust the Frequency as well:

If for instance, you wish the deduction to stop once a goal or target is reached, go to the "Advanced" tab and choose a target option and enter in the target amount:

Each employee can only have one deduction/earnings code set up per type.  For example; if you have one advance deduction set up you can't have another advance set up simultaneously.  By simultaneously; this is referring to the "Effective Start Date and End Date" so you can set up a future one, so long as the start date is set up to occur without overlapping with the initial code.

You can view all Scheduled E/D's for an employee from the "Browse Schedule E/D's" tab: here is an example of two advance deductions that don't overlap as the deduction start/end dates are properly spaced out.  Using the future start date for a deduction is helpful for instance if you know a deduction is going to change say the payroll after next; like for an insurance change.