Evo Classic: Additional Employee Pay Rates

To Set up Multiple Rates for an Employee jump to Employee >> Pay Rate Info

Hitting the Green Plus will allow you to enter an additional rate.  There are no limits to number of rates.

Managing Multiple Rates in this manner creates a Rate Table for the Employee which has many uses:

For instance; each Additional Rate can also be linked to a specific cost center for labor tracking; use the "Assign D/B/D/T" button to choose the cost center from your company's list.  Note: Rate 1 Cost Center is controlled from the Employee's Home DBDT on the Employee >> Employee screen shown above

Later while working on an employee's check in Payroll >> Payroll; Rate Numbers can provide short cuts to help you assign the proper labor prompts.  Also, they can be linked to time keeping systems to help control the flow of employee's secondary or third positions; streamlining things further.

While working on an employee's pay check within "Check Lines", you can quickly reference an employee's pay rates by pulling down the drop down list:

If you need to Toggle from a paycheck you are working on to the Employee >> Pay Rate Info screen to make a change; hit the dollar icon on the top right of your screen:

After you make your change, hit the "Blue Circle with the Left Arrow" to jump back into where you left off:

If you are wishing to view an employee's prior pay raise history, you can run the "Salary Rate History Report (B420)" - it will show results for prior rates and change dates.  It can also be filtered to show results just for specific employee or for a select cost center/DBDT.

Another quick method would be to pull the Audit Trail for the Rate field; put your cursor in the field, then Hit the magnifying glass at the top: