Evo Classic: Employee Set up - New Hires

Authorized Employer contacts without direct access, please submit new hire information using this form or request a paper new hire form from your account manager. You can upload paper new hire and direct deposit forms to us via this secure upload page.  All submissions will be re-verified with you by your account managers to ensure they were approved by an authorized employer contact.

If you have direct access, navigate to Employee >> Employee, then click the green icon with the plus (+) symbol to add a new employee:

Enter employee data starting with their SSN (* denotes required fields):

If you track your labor costs by a department/cost center, you will need to pull in the employee's "home dept" or "home cost center" using the Assign D/B/D/T button.

If you use labor tracking and forget to "Assign D/B/D/T," you'll get this error message: "Can not create / update employee. Missing division. EE #"

Click "OK" to return to the previous screen and select the appropriate DBDT/cost center from the company list; click Save:

If you do not see the cost center you need, we may need to add the it at the company level. Your account manager can make this adjustment, or you can add it by navigating to Company >> Div/Branch/Dept/Team >> (whichever level):

Keep in mind, each cost center you add will impact the GL Report used to sync to your accounting system post-payroll. Therefore, we will need to follow-up to map the new cost center to the appropriate account name/code from your accounting software. GL Mapping is maintained in Company >> General >> General Ledger: