HUB HR - Employee New Hire Paperwork Set up Basic Example

Your new employer is requesting you complete certain new hire paperwork digitally and securely via the  HUB Employee Portal.  

Below is a sample email & steps to take:

After clicking on the link in the email; you will be directed to a page that looks similar to this. Enter your email address and hit submit to get started:

Set up a password and/or cell phone:

Next you'll be stepped through 4 Sections:

Enter your personal information; hit save & continue:

Draw or Type your signature using your mouse or touch screen:

Review & Accept the Digital Signature And Electronic Notice:

Complete your Federal W-4 Election of Withholding Allowances: you can reference the paper form by clicking a link on the right or use the IRS withholding calculator website to assist you with your selection.  Here is a help article on common errors employee's make completing the W4.  When ready hit Save & Continue.  By the way, you can submit an updated W-4 later if you need to make a change.

How would you like to be paid?

If by direct deposit, you'll be requested to input your banking information:

Please review the statement at the bottom and click Save & Continue when ready.

Review once again, authorize the new hire paperwork by checking the box, and finalize by hitting the "Complete" button along the bottom.

Your final screen in this workflow will allow you to download all signed documents. If your not at a computer, you'll have access to these again in your HUB Employee Documents folder. 

Note: until your company's hiring manager has approved your paperwork, this final screen shown above will be the extent of your access in HUB.

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