HUB HR - New Hire(s): Basic Admin View

HUB New Hire(s) feature provides a streamlined workflow for you to send paperwork & set up instructions to your newly hired employees. 

Allowing employees to self:
1. create their HUB User Profiles directly (username/password) 
2. complete their Federal W4 form  
3. provide their banking info for Direct Deposit
(VIEW a sample of the new hire's experience)

Admins will be asked to: 
- approve the new hire's paperwork
- confirm the employee's hire date
- select the employee's department for labor costing
- set their salary/rate of pay.  

Click the new hire tile across the top

This is your "New Hire Dashboard"; click "Add New" when ready:

You'll be guided through 4 tabs: Employee Information, Customize, Review, Finish

Under Employee Information: Input the New Hire Contact; yourself or another manager that will help this person should they have any questions.

Input the new hire's details:  first/last name, their email address, Hire Date, optional job title

Type a Welcome Message or select a recently used message; Save & Continue.

Under Customize: Basic New Hire users verify the forms you intend to send the new hire W4 & Direct Deposit Form to complete. If you do not wish to offer the Direct Deposit Option; uncheck the box before hitting Save & Continue.*Pro Onboarding has more options including allowing you to collect the required I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification digitally.

Review & Finish: review your entries & selections & hit the "complete" button at the bottom when ready. 
If you made a mistake, you may cancel & start from scratch again by clicking the "I Need to Start Over" button.

Next; the employee will receive an email message from HUB to begin ( see a sample here)

Finally, ADMIN users will be notified upon completion by the new hire; so that  ADMINs may approve the new hire paperwork before set up.

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