Evo Classic: Employee Direct Deposits

Authorized Employer contacts without direct access, please submit direct deposit information using this submission form or to your account manager directly using an Authorization for Direct Deposit form.  You can upload direct deposit forms to us via this secure upload page.  All submissions will be re-verified with you by your account managers to insure they were approved by an authorized employer contact.

For those with direct access; to set up a simple 100% of Net pay Direct Deposit:
1. Go to Employee >> Scheduled E/D's 
2. Find the employee and go to the Direct Deposits Tab
3. Click "Create" button with Green + icon at the bottom of screen
4. Enter in ABA Routing Number, Bank Account Number, select account type, select "NO" for In Prenote
5. Save at top with Green Checks.
6. Go to Browse Scheduled E/D's tab
7. Hit Green Plus at top of screen; select D01 for Direct Deposit Checking
8. Tie in the Bank Account you just set up; by selecting from drop down on right under EE Direct Deposit.
9. Save work at top with Green Checks.

To set up a Savings Direct Deposit in addition to the above:
1. Enter the Savings Account details on the employee's direct deposit tab
2. Create a D02 Direct Deposit Savings scheduled item.
3. Enter a Fixed Amount, tie in the savings account on the EE Direct Deposit drop down
4. If employee prefers a % of Net Pay instead, change calculation method to % of Net and enter the % in the percentage field.
5. Save your work by entering Green Checks at top.

Screen Shots for Simple 100% of Net Pay Direct Deposit:

Screen Shots for Savings Direct Deposit in addition: