Evo Classic: Setting Up an HSA to be paid by Direct Deposit

First, we suggest you have each employee complete an HSA Authorization Form to make certain of their requests.  If you would like one custom branded for your organization, let us know. 

Next, in Evo Classic you would follow these steps...
1. Create the bank account on the Employee-Scheduled E/D's: Direct Deposit sub-tab just as you would when setting up normal direct deposit.
2. Next, under Employee-Browse Scheduled E/D's for the employee hit the green plus:
- select the appropriate HSA deduction code (single or family) and/or HSA Match code (single or family)
4. Finally, on the far right of the screen under "EE Direct Deposit" is a drop down.  Link the banking details for the account to the code.
5. Save changes. You'll be prompted a warning: "Are you sure you want attach direct deposit account to this E/D?"; hit Ok.

<<----see screen shots below for assistance---->>

- Most HSA accounts are "checking" accounts even though they have the name savings in them
- HSA's should be split out based on Single or Family as to not exceed the IRS limits. The software will auto-stop once a limit is reached.
- Employee's should only use Family limits if they have the appropriate coverage; regardless of whether they have a family.

- If you have both employee & employer HSA types in one year, please let us know so we may link the two and prevent exceeding the limits.

Screen Shots:
Entering Bank Account on Employee-Scheduled E/D's - Direct Deposit Sub-Tab:
Selecting the HSA Single/Family code or ER HSA Match codes:

Enter HSA amount & Link the Direct Deposit Bank Account:

Warnings Message: