Evo Classic: Employee Documents

The Documents tab on the Employee-Employee level is used to store employee related documents.  Storing your employee documents inside Evo Classic could help improve your tracking & maintenance of employee files.  All documents are stored securely on the server, but are made available to any user based on permissions.  This allows you to keep all your employee data stored for quick reference in one place.  Finally, the documents are saved in a table format where you can assign a document description, begin date, and end date to the item.  This will allow you to reference documents and expiration dates using Evo Reports.  Making it easier to schedule your monthly monitoring of employee files which could be expiring or need reviewing.
- Max file size is 500KB; all standard formats accepted (PDF, word, excel, jpg, .png)

Main Control Buttons for this page:
- "Add" button to add a new documents
- "Update" button to replace a document already stored with a revised version
- "Delete" to well delete it from the employee's records
- "Show" to pull it off the server and view it on your desktop
- "Save" button this is a little goofy actually; better to use the Green Checks at the top

Quick Demo of Employee Documents: