Colorado New Employer UI Rates

For 2017, new Colorado employers should expect to see one of the following UI Rates:
Non-construction 2.11%  
General Construction 4.31%  
Heavy Construction 9.57%  
Trades 4.31%

Colorado UI premium rates are multiplied against employee wages with an annual limit tracked per employee by calendar year. For 2017, the Colorado chargeable wage limit is $12,500. Any wages paid to an employee above $12,500 would be considered excess wages and not be subject to UI premiums.

Thus for every employee a new employer expects to hire and retain; they should expect to pay roughly the following in Colorado UI premiums:
Non-construction $263.75
General Construction $538.75      
Heavy Construction $1,196.25
Trades $538.75

If your newly hired employee doesn't work out and you hire a replacement, your UI wage tracking on the replacement would start back at zero. It pays to reduce your turnover if possible.

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