Automated Payroll Reminders & Fund Requirement Alerts

To keep your payroll processing on track, we can send automated reminders so you don't miss submission deadlines, as well as fund requirement alerts to ensure there are no surprises with your bank account. These messages can be sent via email and text to multiple contacts and scheduled throughout the day until payroll has been processed.

Automated payroll reminders (aka "Payroll Input Reminder PUSH Alert") are sent the morning your payroll is scheduled to process. After processing your payroll, we can send a funds alert (aka "Cash Requirements PUSH Alert") that details the total payroll liability or cash requirements for the payroll run. This amount includes total tax liability, direct deposits, net physical checks, and our processing fees.

NOTE: Payroll reminders are scheduled to send around 10 a.m. on your processing date. If you submit or approve payroll earlier in the morning, you may still receive an automated reminder, which are enabled until payroll is fully processed.

Inbox getting too crowded? Let us know and we can adjust or disable payroll notifications.
If we have not heard from you on your process date, we may reach out to ensure we didn't miss a message or your submission details. If you are running behind or need extra assistance, please keep us posted. We can help you juggle tasks and keep you updated if you are bumping up against a direct deposit deadline (payroll must be approved by 3 p.m. (MT) two business days prior to the direct deposit date).