Automated Payroll Reminders & Funds Alerts

Pay Day Reminders: to help you stay on track, automated email reminders are sent the morning your payroll is scheduled to process.

Funds Alerts: are reminders that we can send to you shortly after your payroll is processed which give you the total payroll liability or cash requirements for the payroll run.

Additional Options/Preferences:
  • receive multiple automated alerts at various times throughout the day until payroll has been processed.
  • these alerts can be delivered via SMS Txt Message to a mobile phone
  • send reminders to others so they too can receive either the Payroll Reminders or Funds Alerts
  • in-box too crowded? just let us know we can turn these notifications off.
A few Items of Note Regarding Alerts: 
  • Payroll Reminder alerts are automated and sent around 10 a.m. the morning of your process date.  If you submitted your payroll data/approval to your account manager early that morning, you are likely to still receive the automated email as the shut off trigger is linked to the time your payroll is fully processed not to the time you submitted your data.  Sorry if that adds confusion. 
  • Funds Alerts provide the Total Liability for your payroll = total tax liability, direct deposits, net physical checks and our processing fee.
  • If we have not heard from you on your process date, you may also receive other emails or calls from us in the afternoon.  We just want to be extra certain we didn't miss something or there was an email failure.  If you are running behind or need some extra assistance, just keep your account manager posted. We can help you juggle things and keep you updated should you be bumping up against a direct deposit deadline.