isolved MFA Employee Communication Template


This is a template of the communication that employers can use to inform their employee’s enhanced security measures taken by isolved. There are areas that customers must update before sending to their employees (see the “Important Note” sections below).

Communication Template

Beginning November 17th, our payroll platform isolved will be enhancing the security by requiring multifactor authentication (MFA) ever 12-hour period for logins. You'll have the option to change the default if you are on a shared computer or if directed to do so by your employer..

Why are we making this update?

We prioritize the security of your data and recognize that safeguarding its confidentiality, integrity and availability is critical. As part of our ongoing commitment to securing your data, we are enhancing MFA across all user accounts when logging in to isolved People Cloud.

How will this affect you?

After November 17th, when you log in to your isolved People Cloud account, you will be required to verify your identity using an authentication method such as an authorization code or one of our new password-less options including an authenticator app, security key or face ID. The authentication lasts 12 hours by default.

How to prepare for the change?

You can familiarize yourself with the many authentication options available to prepare for the upcoming change. You may also wish to ensure that you have a mobile number in your isolved People Cloud account as an authentication option. The links provided below can help you update your mobile number within your account.

Important Note:

[Employers should customize this section as needed with specific MFA applications their company uses.]

Have additional questions?

You may already be familiar with MFA, as it is currently a login requirement. It's the industry standard to protect data across many services, including online shopping, email, and social media. This update adds an extra layer of protection to your People Cloud login, but it should be a familiar process.