isolved FAQs for Employees of ASAP Payroll Clients

How do I activate my isolved account?

Once your employer has set you up in isolved, you should receive an activation email from This email expires after 72 hours. If it has been over 72 hours, reach out to your employer and they can send a new activation email.

Open the email and click the activation link. Note that to activate your account, you will be asked for a authorization code/pin. This code will be the last 4 digits of your social security number. Once you've entered the code, created a password and created a security question, you will be brought to the isolved Employee Dashboard. To sign into your account in the future, either bookmark this link to the isolved Employee Dashboard, or visit the ASAP Client dashboard, scroll down to Time Clocks, or use the Login Quick Links menu option in the header navigation.

When trying to log in, I get an error that says "User not Found"

It's possible that you're using the wrong login link. try visiting the isolved Employee Dashboard linked here. For the admin login, visit isolved People Cloud login instead.
Both of these links can be found on the ASAP Client Dashboard.