What is isolved?

We’re happy to announce that ASAP is joining the partner network with isolved – a people-first HCM technology. This new-and-improved platform, coupled with ASAP’s administrative services, will provide you with a best-in-class experience with ASAP to manage your workforce through the entire employee lifecycle. We're developing resources to properly introduce you to isolved's payroll and workforce management features. In the meantime, please review the following FAQs on our partnership with isolved and  stay tuned for more information.

What is an HCM?

An HCM is a “human capital management” platform that connects and manages the employee journey across hiring and onboarding, HR & payroll task management, to full-blown talent management. Essentially managing your entire workforce in a slick all-in-one platform. One login, one experience.

Is this a merger?

No. ASAP is still the same great company you’ve come to know and value. As an independent payroll provider, we are able to choose which platform/software we use and offer our clients. As the role of payroll and HR has changed over the past several years, we’ve sought to offer a platform that can help you manage your workforce and HR tasks all while providing a seamless payroll experience. Joining the partner network with isolved means we get to bring the best-in-class HCM platform to the small businesses we serve. Same great company, a new all-in-one platform!

You just do my payroll, will that be impacted?

We will work with you individually to migrate to the isolved platform for our payroll processing services. As an organization, we plan to be fully transitioned to the isolved platform by the end of 2023. 

What about my time clocks?

An all-in-one program means migrating all existing clocks into the isolved platform. We will work with you on an individual basis to transition your timekeeping systems over to isolved.

Taking many logins, to an all-in-one system.

Providing you access to isolved means a one-stop-shop:
  • Direct access to submit payroll (no more e-Sheets!)
  • Securely access reports and tax returns (no more ShareFile Client Portal!)
  • Timekeeping and approvals (one login, direct sync with payroll)
  • Plus, access to more features and add-ons for all your workforce management needs