How to Submit Payroll & Employee Info to ASAP

As your payroll provider, we consider ourselves an extension of your back-office team and partner in your success. Please help us help you by following these procedures for setting up employees for payroll and getting them paid on time:

ASAP Payroll Submission Deadlines: 

  • Payroll with direct deposit: Noon (MT) 2 business days prior to the paycheck date
  • Payroll without direct deposit ("live" checks): Noon (MT) 1 business day prior to the paycheck date
  • Payroll should be approved and processed by 3 pm (MT) on your specified processing day (as listed above) in order to guarantee processing by bank deadline

Alternative options to the submission deadlines include in-house checks, live checks, or check date modification. Connect with your account manager for further clarification.

Payroll Submission Options

To help you save time, money and headaches when it comes to submitting payroll, please use the following preferred ways to submit employee hours and information to ASAP:

  • Payroll program (Evolution; isolved coming soon): We can set up authorized user access to Web-based payroll program for authorized users to directly enter payroll hours, access employee information, and run reports. This service is offered at no additional cost.
  • Time clock import: We offer two timekeeping solutions to streamline collecting and submitting hours:
    • HUB Clock is a simple cloud-based hourly time tracker ($4/EE per month; $45/mo minimum)
    • WorkforceHUB is a more robust time clock program that allows multiple rates of pay and department categorizing ($6/EE per month; $45/mo minimum)
  • eSheet: Enter payroll details into a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet provided by ASAP and submit via email at no additional charge.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) file: A POS import is our preferred payroll submission method for restaurants. We have integrations for Aloha and Toast POS systems. If you use another POS, please email an import sample to us to review. (Note: Custom templates may incur additional fees.)
As of October 4, 2021, a convenience charge of $1 per employee applies for payroll submissions that require manual entry ("hand-keying") by ASAP into our processing software (aka, non-electronic submission). This includes information submitted via paper, PDF, FAX, phone call, or within the body of an email message (e.g., not attached in an importable spreadsheet).

Our goal is to provide accurate and efficient processing to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time. Let us know if you want to upgrade your payroll submission process to one of options above and we will help you find a solution that best fits your needs.

Send one email with all current/weekly payroll requests to payroll (at)

When possible, please send all requests and updates in one email to help streamline processing. Messages sent to the Payroll@ account are visible to all account managers and will be responded to within 24 hours; emails sent directly to your dedicated account manager may take longer for a reply. Termination checks and payroll processing response times may be up to 4 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 877-728-6777.

Ensure funds are available for payroll impounds at least 2 business days prior to processing date.

You are responsible for confirming that sufficient funds are available in your bank account to cover payroll costs prior to processing. Payroll impound costs include payroll taxes, ASAP billing, and direct deposit amounts. Nonsufficient funds (NSF) are costly, and involve both bank charges and fees per ASAP's EFT Agreement.

Got a new company bank account for payroll? Check out our article on how to update your banking information with ASAP.

Use our online forms to add an employee to payroll, and submit at a minimum of 3 business days prior to the paycheck date.

For security and to ensure that ASAP has all of the pertinent information to pay and report your employees, please use our online forms available at to add a new hire to payroll. And for more security, these forms are password-protected so that only authorized contacts may access them; please connect with your account manager for the password.

Ditch the PDF!

For efficiency, accuracy and security, please use the online new hire forms instead of submitting employee details via a PDF, uploaded image, email, or in-person at our offices. In addition to ensuring we have all the information we need to process payroll, the online forms provide a solid audit trail for employee paperwork (which employers are responsible for keeping and maintaining). 

Also, never send email attachments or messages to ASAP that contain sensitive information, such as account and Social Security numbers. Use our Secure File Upload link to safely send us reports, forms, etc.

Hiring Out-of-State Remote Workers

Did you know that you need to apply for state withholding and unemployment accounts in the primary state where an employee performs work? The employee may also need to complete a separate W-4 for state withholding. You’ll want to do some research before hiring out-of-state workers and reach out to ASAP prior to processing a payroll. Although we can assist in applying for state accounts, we need to allow time for the application process and may have additional questions for you.

Go paperless!

  • Encourage employees to use direct deposit: There are many new banking options for employees – let’s get them on direct deposit! No checks to pickup or employees to chase down (or reprints needed because the check took a spin in the laundry).
  • Set up a HUB Employee Portal for direct access to paycheck stubs & W-2s: Authorized managers and employees can directly access pay stubs & W-2s via the HUB Employee Portal, which is included with your services. All we need are employee birthdates and email addresses to set you up!
  • Download payroll reports and related tax returns from the ShareFile Client Portal: All payroll reports and related tax returns are available 24/7 in our secure online file system, ShareFile. We can also set up direct access to your payroll files for your accountant, tax advisor, and other third-party providers.
  • Ask about HUB's paperless onboarding feature: Eliminate back-and-forth emails and tracking down documents with HUB's Paperless Onboarding program. This add-on feature provides new hires with online access to complete and submit their W-4 and I-9, as well as custom documents such as an NDA and policy review acknowledgements.