Upgrading Your Version of QuickBooks

Step 1: If you haven't already, please first complete the Version Upgrade Request Form.

Step 2: ASAP tech support staff will adjust your user settings to allow the admin proper access to updated QB version.

Only the QB File Administrator can upgrade the file to another version!

Forgot Your Admin Credentials: If you need to reset the credentials for the Admin user of a QB file, please contact ASAP technical support for assistance. 

Step 3: QB File Administrator's will need to follow these steps to complete the process.

a)   After logging into your Remote Desktop Connection, open QB 2015 program.

b)  From the Company File queue, choose "Open or restore an existing company".

c)  Select Open a company file and then click Next

d)  Select the Computer tile on the left, then select Z:\\ drive

e)  Select your company .qbw file from within the directory  - (do NOT select .qbb backup files)
f) When prompted; Check the box & click Update Now

g) You'll be prompted to create a backup of the File - Hit OK.


h) Select Local backup then Choose Next for Backup Options

i) Key Step:

Select Browse to choose where to save within your directory

Make sure your settings reflect those in the image below,
Add the date and time of the backup to the file name (recommended)
Limit the number of backup copies in this folder to [ 3 ]
Complete verification

j)  Select asap (Z:) drive in the sub directory of computer: expand the drive by clicking the + icon for sub folder options

k)  When prompted; select Use this Location

l)  Click OK to Continue
m)  Save the backup file in your preferred company folder.

n)  Once the backup file is created, you will see an alert that the file will be restored to a newer version and wish you to confirm by clicking Yes.

o)  Upon restoring your company file, you may receive the below prompts regarding QB Payroll Updates.  Select OK to check for updates.

p)  If you do not use QB for payroll processing, switch from multi to single user mode, open up your company preferences, and select No payroll.

q) You have now successfully upgraded your company file!  Don't forget to switch from multi to single user mode.

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