HUB - Employee Portal: Getting Started

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Notification Email - Pay Stub Ready

1. Each Payday you will receive a notification email alerting that a new pay stub has posted to your  HUB Employee Portal:

2. After clicking the link in the message, you will be directed to enter your Access Code.  
(If this is your first time accessing HUB, request your Access Code from your manager.)

3. The most recent pay stubs are listed on the "Home" screen and can be downloaded to PDF. Historical stubs going back 24 months can be found in the "history" tab.

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Account & Settings

Click your name to see the Account & Settings drop down where you can reset your password and edit your contact information.

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Pay Stubs

Your most recent pay stubs should be located directly on the "Home" page, but prior stubs going back 2 years can be found under the "History" tab. Future year W2's will also be available for download in HUB.

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Password Reset & Cell Phone

HUB will ask you for your cell phone number which will allow you to reset your access code directly. If your cell phone is not linked, your employer will be required to reset your account.

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HUB Smartphone Apps

HUB also can be installed as an app on your cell; to do so here are some additional instructions.

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Company Directory

The directory is optional for each user and by default the feature is turned off. Users will be greeted with an alert asking them to edit their preferences for the directory.

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Company Messages, Documents, & Links

Your employer may share company wide messages with you from time to time, or company wide documents or links. They may request an acknowledgement that the item was received.

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Employee Documents

Employee documents are similar to company documents, but these are items unique to a specific employee. They too may be sent with a read receipt request and will be listed in the HUB Docs & Links area, but rest assured they are only view-able to you and your HUB Admins.

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Logging in Without the Reference Email

Bookmark this link to save the URL to access HUB without the notification emails.

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